Participant Reflection – Katarina

One of our main goals with this Short Course is to inspire change and empowerment within youth. Although this is impossible to truly measure, throughout the years we have collected reflections from various participants about their experience while at the Short Course.

Here are three captivating excerpts from Katarina, who participated in the Short Course in 2017, each excerpt explaining a different time during the course and we are sure most of our participants can agree to what Katarina is describing.

First week:
“On August 1st, 53 teenagers along with me, were traveling to reach exactly the same destination, Schloss-Schule Kirchberg. The purpose of our travel was to participate in a UWC short course on “Building a sustainable future”. As soon as we came, facilitators welcomed us full of energy and kindness. From every corner of the campus, you could hear new languages and different cultures. All of this was new to me, and I was very nervous about fitting in and being accepted.”

Second week:
“Every participant that at first seemed so unconnected to my fields of knowledge turned out to have a profound impact on me. These were people who supported me in all my speeches and all the workshops that I held. They gave answers to many of my worries and concerns. I felt understood by the majority; I felt an irreplaceable sense of satisfaction and happiness. […] It was wonderful to be part of a community like that. Where you can learn to have a critical approach, to conduct a conversation without conviction, to develop a special kind of creativity. Where you spoke from your heart, without any regard for religious affiliation, nationality or gender.”

Third week:
“A lovely but very sad period came to us in the third week. […] I did not cry because it ended, I cried because it happened. All those talented people bonded with me in a special way of connection. I have met the deepest parts of me as if they were a person and done things that I was afraid of doing. […] I will personally always look for the feelings that I have experienced in these 17 days in UWC. Feelings of satisfaction and love to live, to humans, and to education like no other.”

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