Poem about the Short Course

A wonderful poem was shared by one of our Macedonians participants from the 2017 Short Course. The poem is a compelling synthesis on her thoughts of the world after attending the Short Course. Here is an excerpt of the poem:

Today I wished we were different. I wished we were aware. I wished we cared.
Today I hated the world.
Today I hated myself.
Today I hated the human race. 
Today I spent two hours discussing global problems with my sister. Today I heard other well-educated people: teachers, doctors, engineers – people who considered themselves as knowledgeable and open minded – expressing close-minded opinions. But is it their fault, the danger of a single story? 
Today I had no hope. 
Today I asked myself: Is it worth it?


Today my purpose is to help others.
Today I believe in the power of people.
Today I realized that there is no single person, single event or single piece of art that will make the world a better place. Because changing the world is about all the little things that each and every one of us is doing right now, every conversation we have and every reaction we make. It all affects somebody, their feelings and opinions, and at the end of the day that’s what the world is – a mixture of souls and stories, whose beauty patently waits to be discovered.

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