Open Call for Coordinators

A few weeks ago we succesfully closed the first ever online session of UWC BASF Online. The five weeks online course was more than we could have anticipated and we are incredibly grateful for having such an incredible group of enthusiastic and intelligent young individuals who helped us make this happen. Now, it’s time for us to look into our future. We are delighted to open up the applications call for the coordinator role for UWC BASF 2021. We are looking for 3 individuals who are willing to undertake the challenges of coordinating a UWC short course.

Coordinator Position, Job Description:

The coordinators of the course are the ones who spearhead the project, from the inception of the conceptual framework of the course, until the program evaluation. Coordinators work prior to the selection of the facilitators on developing the theme of the course, and an action plan for the execution of the project. Then during the prep months, they are in charge of booking venues, working logistics, managing the budget, and coordinating the team to ensure the course is implemented successfully. After the course, coordinators are also in charge of conducting a program evaluation to develop resources to improve the following year’s short course and to present to the funders of the course. The work of coordinators include weekly or biweekly meetings prior to the selection of facilitators, and it peaks a few months before the execution of the course. During the early months of preperation you should expect 2-3h of work a week, before the course this will increase to 4-5h. You will need to be present for the length of the course (2-3 weeks), however you will be able to determine the percice date together with your team.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Assisting with the grant application
– Coordinating the facilitators hiring process
– Coordinating preliminary logistics for the course
– Facilitating meetings online previous to the course
– Participating on the concept and curriculum development for the course
– Participating in the execution of the curriculum (e.g. by facilitating workshops)
– Managing the facilitators team
– Coordinating the final evaluation of the course

Required Characteristics:
– Knowledge and skills to use the Google Suite (email, docs, spreadsheets, etc)
– Interest in sustainability, or themes encompassed under its umbrella
– Knowledge of the UWC movement, its values, and its mission
– Motivation to work in a team
– Drivance to work autonomously
– Good written and oral communication skills
– English proficiency

Please click on the application below to access the application form and read an in-depth description of what the role entails.

Application Deadline, September 4th. Don’t miss this chance!

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