Participants Farewell Video

There are many ways you can measure the impact of an educational program, though no formar evaluation method will be able to represent the importance of the connection you make in any program. The Coronavirus pandemic turned us all to the digital world, and for the many of us in the non-formal education sector (camp counsellors, summer camp facilitators, short course facilitators), we saw our work hindered by the limitations of a world that no longer allowed us to travel and gather. Regardless of this situation, many of us consdiered of upmost relevance to continue to create spaces for young people to connect, and get to know each other. The many courageous facilitators and coordinators that continued this journey, were left with a big reward.

The video below was an initative entirely run by our participants, a farewell and thank you video that shares some of the highlights of the program and some of the impact it had on them.

Check the video our participants made below:

As a message for our participants: I speak for the entire team when I say, we could have not been able to do it without you! Thank you so much for your continues engagement and commitment, it was our honor to have you as a part of our summers. We truly hope that you will carry the UWC Mision forward, in your lives, your communities, and that you find the path to make our future a more sustainable and peaceful one.

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