In light of the global climate change and unsustainable practices on part of humankind, sustainability has necessarily become a hot topic of discussion. Current climatic changes are a phenomenon that goes beyond countries and continents; a process that has been caused by humankind and is undeniable and inevitable, unless action is taken and promises are kept.

The UWC Short Course “Building a Sustainable Future” will touch on issues within economic, environmental and social sustainability – and their several intersections – to give young participants a chance to rethink sustainability in its complexity, with its challenges. These themes will be explored in a non-formal learning setting, including self-led projects, interactive workshops, debates, reflections, guest speakers, etc. Participants will be enabled to engage in discussions on sustainability critically and informed, to envision the world in terms of a sustainable future and to contribute to this vision.

“The course expanded our knowledge about sustainability, about the world and about ourselves. We learned so many things, we went deep behind the surface of today’s reality. We made new friends, we became a big family. We laughed, and we cried. I personally had the time of my life. I changed, I got inspired. And now, almost one year after all of this ended, I realised that I grew up there.” (Danche – 2018 alumna)

The UWC Short Course is a non-profit endeavour. We are determined to make this course as affordable and inclusive as possible and are grateful for the generous funding and financial support that we receive through the Erasmus+ program.

AIM – Enable participants to identify and critically engage with different core topics related to sustainability: ecology, economy, politics, society and technology.

WHO – The UWC Short Course “Building a Sustainable Future” will bring together around 75 young participants from different countries and backgrounds. Click here for information regarding applications.

WHEN AND WHERE – The details of the 2021 course (dates and location) are not yet finalised. Check back in a while to learn more!

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