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If you were a participant, facilitator or coordinator, from any year UWC BASF has been running, we are looking to reconnect with you. For this reason, we are currently conducting the UWC BASF Alumnx Connect Survey. It should not take longer than five minutes and it will help us know where you are at, what have you done after UWC BASF, strengthen the community we have been building over the years the course has ran, and stress the importance of programs like this so that we can continue running them in the future.


“We built a family there, it was fantastic how we participants got along so well with the facilitators but also got along with each other. That sense of community, friendship and continuous sharing was something I had never felt before and I’m truly grateful for it.” (Bleona, 2017 graduate)

Over the four years that this short course has been running, over 219 global-minded participants have graduated from the program. Some of them have since returned to the course as facilitators or have gotten involved with other UWC short courses and programs.

If you want to read reflections and thoughts from participants about the UWC Short Course Building a Sustainable Future, click here.

Building a Sustainable Future, 2019

Our 2019 team and participants at Schloss Loburg

Here are (most of) our 2019 graduates

Building a Sustainable Future, 2018

Our 2018 team and participants at Villa Wewersbusch

Here are (most of) our 2018 graduates:

Building a Sustainable Future, 2017

Unfortunately, no gallery is available for this year.

Building a Sustainable Future, 2016

Unfortunately, no gallery is available for this year.

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