Our program changes slightly every year as we adapt it to what is of current importance and relevance to the theme, as well as our participants’ needs. The program is delivered through a range of non-formal learning settings, including self-led projects, interactive workshops, role plays, debates, self-reflections and guided reflection activities. Moreover, lectures by guest speakers, as well as excursions to local civil society initiatives will add another layer of inspiration. At the end of each day, participants reflect on their learnings and thoughts in small groups.

Here are the topics for each day from last year’s course:

Day 1Arrival Day
Day 2Orientation Day 1 – Arriving at the Course
Day 3Orientation Day 2 – Outdoor Challenge
Day 4Introduction to Sustainability
Day 5Climate Change
Day 6Energies and Technologies
Day 7Land Use and Resources
Day 8Consumerism
Day 9Global Wealth
Day 10Inequalities
Day 11Populations
Day 12Excursion Day
Day 13Infrastructure and Institutions
Day 14Activism
Day 15Project Management and Empowerment
Day 16Make My Day and Open Day
Day 17“Disorientation”
Day 18Departure Day

“The Short Course gave me knowledge, friendships, acceptance, understanding, support, love, motivation, inspiration. It was a journey of self exploration and a transformation into a self-accepting person. It gave me stories and perspectives. It completely changed the way I see the world. Most of all, it taught me how to be myself and be proud of that. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin before.”

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