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2020 Coordinators

Hello to all of you, my name is Moritz and I am one of the coordinators for this year’s Short Course. Having returned from my exchange in Baku, I am based in Glasgow to finish my Politics degree with a focus on social movements, protest politics and post-colonial theory. Youth projects have always played a big role in my life. Having worked in many positions, reaching from anti-fascist youth-education over founding a debating organization in Azerbaijan to carpeting in theatre and art spaces, I am excited to return as a Coordinator for this summer. When not spending my days in the university library, I am excited about hiking and mountaineering, cooking, obscure history and potatoes. Both at home and here, youth work revolving around intercultural dialog and debating have been part of my life and the Short Course is a great way of sharing that passion with enthusiastic and talented young people. I cannot wait to meet you this summer.

Hallöchen! I am Susanne, one of this year’s coordinators. I am 18 years old and lived in Germany all my life until moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina in August 2019 to attend the United World College in Mostar. I’m also an alumna from the SC in 2018 and super excited to come back for the 2020 Short Course! UWC has been a great part of my life and I am really looking forward to have you joining our community this summer. We will for sure have a great time, learn a lot and make life-long friends. I started learning and engaging with sustainability in 2017/2018, went vegan, abandoned fast-fashion and so on. I hope the Short Course will help us all to become aware of our impact on the environment and to gain motivation to change our habits. It only takes a little to make an impact and total commitment and perfection are by far not the most important part of sustainable living. I love being outside and taking a break of the stressful UWC life with friends, talking and playing game.

Hi there! I am Felipe (they/them/theirs), and I am also on the coordinators of this year’s short course. I grew up in Chile, graduated in 2014 from UWC South East Asia, and I am currently finishing my Human Ecology studies at College of the Atlantic in the United States. Through UWC I discovered the field of Peace Education and since 2012 I have had the possibility to participate and work in different positions in youth programs for Peace and Sustainability Education including Initiative for Peace Timor Leste, Peace Day Singapore, UWC Short Course: Bridging Cultures (Bosnia & Herzegovina), and Consejo de Cursos’ Academia de Verano (Chile). I am passionate about social change as it relates to questions of inequality and climate change. I believe many of the problems we have in the world are connected to a crisis of imagination. I think these short courses are incredible opportunities for young people to get together and engage in constructive dialogue about the issues they care about, so that they can collectively imagine what a better world would look like. I am thrilled to have another opportunity to be a part of that! Can’t wait to meet you!

TEAM 2019

Hi there, I’m Clara, one of the course coordinators. I currently live in beautifully windy Edinburgh where I study Sustainable Development and Geography. Outside the lecture halls, I am usually found outdoors — hiking, farming, getting involved in conservation work — or completely absorbed in some craftsy project. To me, short courses are a bit like booster shots of optimism as they bring together some of this planet’s most amazing people and ooze with unparalleled energy — so I look forward to meeting many of you soon!

Hello, my name is Tobias, I am from Denmark and I am currently in the United States studying Environmental Science and Political Economy. In my spare time, if that happens to occur, I love to read a book, explore the environment in which I am in, or simply just going on a hike or a “long walk” as we would call it in Denmark. Having spent the last six months doing ecological research in Australia, I have grown a burning passion for the ecological aspect of sustainability (especially mangroves!). I am excited to attend this year’s Short Course and again feel inspired by the many hopeful and young faces of both the participants and the facilitators. I will see you in two months!

Greetings! I am Naima, born and raised in Tromsø, Norway. I attended last years short course, and have for about two years now been doing some independent studies surrounding rainforests, deforestation and the social issues related to this. I am also interested in the arctic ocean and arctic environments. I am still in school and will from next year be specializing in social studies including psychology, Chinese and history & philosophy. I am always trying to learn a new language and I love learning about other cultures and people, so this short course is something I am really looking forward to! Other than this I am in love with dance, books, good food and nice music! I am really excited about this year’s short course, and I look forward to hopefully teaching you guys something, as well as learning from both participants and facilitators!

I’m Joy, born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I got a UWC scholarship to attend Waterford Kamhlaba ’12 – ’14 after which I studied Anthropology, specifically focused on Gender Studies, female sexuality and Africa studies back in my home city. Over the last year I worked in informal education with different NGO’s and as a tour guide in our National parliament. In September I will start my Masters, Medial Anthropology at the UVA, Amsterdam. UWC never left my heart and I was part of the Dutch selection committee and organized multiple short courses over the last 4 years in Tanzania, Eswatini, the Netherlands and Germany. I am currently travelling in New Zealand and Asia for the coming months, but I will make sure to be in time for BASF! I love dogs, coffee and a good (feminist) book. When I am not teaching or studying I love to be outdoors, yoga or planning my next adventure.

Hiya, my name is Zawer, I am from Syria and I currently live in Kelowna, Canada where I am studying philosophy, political science, and economics. I am also a stand-up comedian, a language teacher, and a bad footballer. I also love books, hikes, and ‘terrible’ low-budget films. After attending the 2013 Turkish short course as a participant, I decided to become involved in as many of those programmes as possible, and this year will be my fifth. I extremely excited to take part in such an inspiring project and I’m looking forward to meeting all the participants!

Hello! My name is Alizé, I am from Belgium, not Brussels. I attended Waterford Kamhlaba, UWC of Southern Africa (11′-13′). It is there that I developed my passion for preserving our natural environments. After those 2 years in Eswatini, I did a Liberal Arts bachelor at the University College of Maastricht, combining courses in sustainability and sociology. Through my studies, I understood the importance of always questioning where power lies and how it influences the way we interact with the world. 
Since September 2018, I have started an Erasmus Mundus Master in Urban Studies – meaning that every semester, we study in a different city. We started in Brussels, we are currently in Vienna and the next two stops will be Copenhagen and Madrid. Shifting from sustainability, I am now developing an interest in the concept of ‘collapse’, and how post-collapse urban imaginaries may help to inform the ecological transition of cities. In my spare time, I try to be as involved as possible in activism and resilient community-building. I love nature, theatre, laughing, break-through moments and creating deep connections. And I am definitely looking forward to meeting all of you!

Hi all! I’m Mariam and I am very excited to be one of the facilitators for this year’s short course. I was born and raised in Batumi, Georgia and attended the UWC Thailand college in ’16-’18. I currently live in Rochester, New York, where I’m pursuing my degree in economics at the University of Rochester. In my spare time I love learning more about the world, especially about the cultures and the geography of the countries. Besides that I love watching GOT, laughing, hiking and having adventuresome travels. UWCT was truly where I started off caring more about the sustainability and after graduating from college my goal is to better the sustainable development field in my home country. See you all very soon!

I’m Priyanka from Nepal, and currently a rising senior at UWC Dilijan in Armenia. I am an avid learner with a deep passion in politics/ international relations. In my free time you will spot me attempting to learn lyrics to Spanish and Dutch songs, watching horrors on Netflix, devising conspiracy theories, or calling climate change fake and flat earth real (if you’re on the same side, we might become best friends). On a more serious note though, I am very outspoken about youth involvement, especially when it comes to sustainability and climate activism. I am a very patient listener, and can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories you’ll bring to the program!

Olá! I am Diogo, born in Porto, Portugal! In 2016 I left home to attend the new UWC Thailand from which I graduated past May. At the moment I am enjoying the end of my gap year, in Antwerp Belgium, where I work as an intern to a fashion house (hit me up if you are around!). What first got me interested in sustainability, was the discovery of how the Fashion industry is currently the second most polluting industry in the world – and consequently how that reflected the unsustainable way of our current lifestyle. This will be my second year at the short course and I am excited to re-see some faces but specially to encounter new ones. There is something special when a group of people comes together with a common goal, but mainly – there is a lot of fun! 
Até breve!

Hola hola, my name is Maria Huitzillin, but my friends call me Huitzi for short. I was born and raised (a feminist) in Barcelona and I’m still living in this amazing city. I’m also half Mexican and half French. I was a participant in the first-ever “Building a sustainable future” short course and I am super excited to be coming back with some of the people that were my facilitators back then in the team! I am currently in my second year of university, majoring in Philosophy, and I’m a part-time English teacher. I’m learning German (or trying to at least). I consider myself an activist and I take part in a few student and youth organizations. In my opinion, sustainability is one of our most urgent social justice issues and it is an especially complex one. In my not so free time, I read, write, go to the theater or watch way more TV series than I should. I have a deep passion for cinema, food, and dance (in no particular order) and lately, I’ve been developing an interest for sex ed and safer sex practices, always from a LGBTQIA+ perspective.

Hi everyone, Zoë here! I am a UWC RBC alumna from Germany, currently studying International Relations and Organisations in The Hague, the Netherlands at Leiden University. Next to trying to understand the what, why and how of international politics, economics, and history I looove making music, doing and looking at art and exploring the beaches and nature around The Hague. I am also a part of the local Extinction Rebellion chapter and organise sustainability-related events through my student association. Sometimes I write tiny poems that no one ever reads but me, I’m part of a small theatre group, always hum around and proudly tell very bad jokes. Next to all that I am super excited to meet everyone and can’t wait for everything to get started!

Hi! I am Liza from Tbilisi, Georgia. I graduated from UWC Dilijan last year and I am currently studying liberal arts in Berlin. My experiences in Tbilisi, Dilijan, and Berlin and the environments these cities have offered is what shaped my interest towards social sustainability. The broadness of this term offers countless ways of defining it and I am excited to, with you, learn more about the dimension of sustainable living that is increasingly important in our world. 
Other than that, I love quality film but occasionally binge on cheesy romances too. My taste in music ranges from house to Chopin. I am a feminist, humanist and support love of all sorts. I love walking around cities, discovering small coffee shops (although coffee gives me anxiety) and noticing authentic details of each place. Most of all, I enjoy getting to know passionate people so I am super excited to meet you all!

Hiya, I’m Nik! I grew up in Duisburg, Germany, but now I live in Glasgow, Scotland, where I study Physics (after also having studied Civil Engineering and Central and East European Studies, as well as spending a year in France). I’ve never been involved with UWC before, but I’m all the more excited to be part of the team this year! I really hope that, one day, we won’t need this short course anymore, because sustainability has become a self-evident part of our lives. Until then, I really enjoy working towards this with lovely and engaged people! Otherwise I love music, learning about anything not related to my degree, trying to speak languages I don’t really know and drinking too much coffee. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and spending these weeks with you!

My name is Paula and I am from the beautiful country of Ecuador. I just graduated from university in Berlin and I will start a Masters in Environmental Governance in Freiburg this coming fall. This is looking still quite far, so for the moment, I am focusing on the short course and very very excited for it to start in less than a month! Since I was in High-School and throughout college I lead environmental-related projects and I am really excited to share my experiences with you. Some of the highlights have been to spend over 3 weeks taking staples away from paper so they are good to be recycled, literally swam in a huge pile of plastic bottles while also preparing them to be recycled, measuring food waste over weeks so we can try to change people’s behavior through nudging, and more! In the future, I see myself working on environmental policy in which I would like to focus on water and waste related issues. I’ll save the water speech for later, but for now, I just want to end saying that I will do my best to make this course an amazing experience for all of us!

Hi everyone, I’m Alix, and I’m super excited to be part of the team! I’ve just graduated in Politics and Public Policy from the University of Glasgow, focusing especially on social justice and international development. I’ve been working for the voluntary sector for a while, and I’m really looking forward to focus on proactive sustainability!
 I also want to bring in my background in employability-related skills, who doesn’t love some office environment simulation? I’m also always keen to hike, play some board games and organise whatever last minute event. Looking forward to meet you all!!

I’m Eliza, one of the facilitators this year. I grew up in Brussels, but my parents are French and English. I am currently studying Ecological and Environmental Sciences in Edinburgh, and I love it! I love anything to do with sustainability, especially the hands-on stuff like permaculture, forest conservation, etc. I also love to read fantasy books, listen and dance to live music, and climb trees. I can’t wait to meet all of you, so we can have a great time and you can teach me more about the world

Team 2019 –  Moritz Germany, Clara F Germany, Tobias Denmark, Naima, Joy (The Netherlands), Zawer (Syria), Alizé (Belgium), Mariam (Georgia), Priyanka (Nepal), Diogo (Portugal), Huitzi (Spain), Zoë (Germany), Liza (Georgia), Nik (Germany), Paula (Ecuador), Alix, Eliza (Belgium)

Team 2018 – Iryna Ukraine, Moritz Germany, Clara F Germany, Tobias Denmark, Melina Finland, Zoya Syria/Russia, Andrej Macedonia, Aidan USA, Ladi Western Sahara, Joy Netherlands, Oliver Macedonia, Diogo Portugal, Maria Greece, Ina-Marie Germany, Bogusia Poland, Katharina Germany, Kiara Albania

Team 2017 – Josh Germany, Clara V Germany, Zawer Syria/Russia, Wojtek Poland, Maya Israel, Christiana UK, Pinja Finland, Christina New Zealand, Yohan Kenya, Wael Syria, Anni Germany, Tobias Denmark, Rebecka Germany, Arthur Denmark, Luca Germany, Clara F Germany

Team 2016 – Clara V Germany, Josh Germany, Aidan USA, Bobo Macedonia, Liza Rwanda, Arthur Brazil, Ana Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jaafar Syria/Austria, Clara F Germany, Stefano Mozambique, Tilmann Germany, Tobias Denmark, Tobi Germany, Maya Israel, Zawer Syria/Russia

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